Sorry, registration has ended.

  • Date: 12/6/2021 06:00 PM - 12/6/2021 09:00 PM
  • Location: 1 Turf Club Avenue (Map)
  • More Info: KF1 Kranji Karting Circuit


Members need to follow the rules & regulations from Singamoto SG.

  1. All riders must register at the registration area near the race control room and park all their bike in the paddock area—no ignition of bikes from the loading/unloading area to track.
  2. Riders must wear full gear such as a leather racing suit, a full-face helmet (NO FLIP-FLOP HELMET), full racing or motocross boots, full leather gloves.
  3. Riders must put on their masks properly (neck gaiters and bandanas are not allowed as masks), covering their nose, cheeks, chin, and mouth at all times upon entry into KF1. For clarity, once you enter past the main gates, this must be complied with.
  4. Riders will be only be allowed to remove their masks upon wearing their helmet before entry to the circuit for any session.
  5. We will give five minutes to riders to catch their breath after their session, after which they will have to put their mask back on. They must refrain from talking to their mechanics or keep a safe distance if they need to converse during this time.
  6. No smoking in the paddocks is allowed.
  7. No intermingling is allowed between riders/mechanics from other paddocks.
  8. All riders and mechanics must keep a safe distance of 1-meter when no motor work is in progress.
  9. The Pit lane wall is out of bounds for mechanics during any session. Viewing should be kept within their paddock or viewing gallery where 1-meter safe distancing still applies.